jor-potato-plant-camden st

The images above were painted in Dublin this week as part of a street art/graffiti project called Roadworks organised by ANewSpace in collaboration with Dublin Contemporary art exhibition (Sept 6th – October 31st).

Other artists hitting some of Dublin’s streets for Roadworks include Conor Harrington, D*Face, DMC, ESCIF, Foes Crew, InputOut, Mark Jenkins, Maser, Morgan, Prefab Collective, Will Saint Leger and Rask.

Dublin Contemporary





This is a project I just finished and was working on for nearly three months. It is a series of twenty six doorway murals in Tralee Community Nursing Unit, Co. Kerry, in the west of Ireland. It was commissioned as part of the Per Cent for Arts Scheme. All of the images were painted in acrylic.

Tralee Community Nursing Unit